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SRPS Cranes and Machinery List

This is a diverse group of "departmental" vehicles which includes a breakdown crane, permanent way cranes, an early ballast tamping machine, lightweight trolley vehicles and a steam heating van.

In service, the breakdown crane and the steam heating van were the property of the Motive Power Department, while the other plant was required by the Civil Engineer. The Civil Engineer also needed to have a wide range of wagons reserved for his use.

NumberDescriptionDate BuiltBuilder
ADE971568 6w Runner Wagon, North British Railway (ex crane RS1062/36)   Cowlairs
RS1062/36 36T Steam Crane, North British Railway No.971 1914 Cowans
RS1035/7½ 7½ ton Permanent Way Steam Crane, LMS 1927 M.Fleming
RS1034/5 5 ton Permanent Way Steam Crane, LNER 1938 Russell
RM313/6½ 6½ ton Hand Crane, LMS 1942 Cowans
970213 4w-2PMR Type 18A Motorised Trolley, British Railways 1952 Wickham
970214 4w Type 18 Trailer, British Railways 1952 Wickham
48626 Ballast Tamping Machine, British Railways 1957 Matisa
ADS70190 Train Heating Van, British Railways 1960/61 Swindon
  4w-2PMR Type 27A Motorised Trolley, Colvilles Ltd., Ravenscraig 1970 Wickham
  Locopulsor Type 601 motorised shunting unit   

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