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0-6-0T Wemyss Private Railway No.20

0-6-0T Wemyss Private Railway No.20 locomotive picture
Photo W.S. Sellar

SRPS Core Collection, acquired 1970. WPR brown livery (weathered).
Built 1939, Andrew Barclay, Sons & Co., Kilmarnock, for the Wemyss Coal Company, Fife. Works No.2068.

This is one of Barclay's largest locomotives, designed to haul loads of 750 tons or more at low speeds.

When the coal industry was nationalised in 1948, Captain Wemyss, the owner of the Wemyss Coal Company, successfully argued that the railway linking the Wemyss mines was not included, and this became the Wemyss Private Railway. It carried coal to the washer at Wellesley and the docks at Methil. No.20 was one of its last working locomotives, and continued in service until the railway closed on 26 June 1970. This is an example of a large locomotive used on a private railway with a reasonably long haul, rather than simply for shunting. Purchased by SRPS.

No.20 is currently out of use, awaiting a heavy general overhaul.

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