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Highland Railway 4-wheeled Passenger Brake Van No.5

Highland Railway 4-wheeled Passenger Brake Van No.5
The bodywork of Van No.5 has been splendidly restored to its original condition. Photo 14 June 2007, SRPS.

On loan from the W.E.C.Watkinson Trust. On display in Museum Hall 2.
Probably built c.1870 by the Metropolitan Carriage & Wagon Co., Saltley, Birmingham.

This brake van survived, intact but rotting slowly away, because it was used as a store at Inchlea signal cabin, on the Highland main line between Dalwhinnie and Newtonmore.

In traffic, in addition to housing the guard, the van provided space for passengers' luggage and for parcels. Dogs were carried in a separated section at one end of the van, an important provision on a railway that brought shooting parties to the moors. This is at the far end of the van as shown above, with a ventillator at the top of its access door. Inside, the dog box extends across the vehicle to an identical door on the opposite site, with the top of the box at a height just above the top of the doors.

When first built, this van was used on trains on the main line from Perth to Inverness and Wick and also on the Keith and Strome Ferry lines. By the 1890s such vans had been replaced by larger vehicles and were relegated to branch line services. It has been accurately restored, including its Highland Railway livery, and is a unique survivor.

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