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4-4-0 North British Railway, ‘K’ Class No.256 ‘Glen Douglas’

‘Glen Douglas’ locomotive picture

On loan from the Glasgow Museum of Transport. On display.
Built 1913, NBR Cowlairs Works, Springburn, Glasgow.
LNER D34 Class, no.9256. BR no.62469.

Designed by William Reid, 'Glen Douglas' is a typical Scottish express passenger locomotive from the early years of the 20th century. The 'Glen' class locomotives were particularly associated with the West Highland line from Glasgow to Fort William and Mallaig, but they worked all over the NBR system at one time or another. They were popular, successful and versatile locomotives.

'Glen Douglas' was a member of the first batch of the class to be built. Construction continued until 1920, by which time 32 locomotives were in service. Of these, 30 survived into British Railways days. When built, a 'Glen' was suitable for West Highland trains. However, when heavier rolling stock was introduced it became necessary to double-head trains, until the LNER introduced the compact and powerful K4 design specifically for the West Highland line.

All the 'Glens' were initially fitted with Westinghouse air brake and vacuum brake. The air brake was removed from 'Glen Douglas' in 1935, as the LNER and LMS had standardised on the vacuum system.

In 1959, 'Glen Douglas' was overhauled and repainted in the distinctive bronze green livery of the North British Railway, to work special trains. In 1965, the locomotive was withdrawn and donated to Glasgow Corporation for display in the Glasgow Museum of Transport. It was placed on loan to SRPS in 1992, and will return to Glasgow when the new Museum of Transport is ready.

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