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Caledonian Railway Brake Corridor Composite coach No.464

Caledonian Railway Brake Corridor Composite coach No.464
Being shunted through the Bo'ness North Yard north loop line, 14 June 2007. Photo SRPS.

SRPS Core Collection. Acquired 1967. On display. CR livery.
Built 1923, R.Y.Pickering Ltd., Wishaw, Lanarkshire. Diagram 111A.

This carriage was designed by the CR and delivered in the final few months of their existence. It contains both first and third class compartments, two lavatories, and a small "brake" area for the guard and luggage and to comply with the CR practice of not allowing travel in compartments next to the locomotive for safety reasons. No.464 has been repainted in the CR livery of dark maroon and white, lined and lettered in gold, but its interior has never been altered or rebuilt and shows exactly what main line railway travel was like in Scotland in the 1920s and 1930s.

After restoration by BR in 1958, to run with four pre-grouping locomotives which were restored at the same time, it was withdrawn from service in 1964 and was then purchased by SRPS.

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