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0-6-0 (jack shaft drive) Diesel-mechanical locomotive,
ICI, Dalbeattie, No.1 (Royal Naval Stores, Kirkliston, from 1943)

0-6-0 (jack shaft drive) diesel mechanical locomotive, ICI Dalbeattie No.1 (Admiralty Naval Stores from 1946)
As restored and delivered to the B&KR, at Bo'ness Station, 1980s. Photo SRPS

SRPS Core Collection, acquired 1973. On display in Museum Hall 1. Green livery.
Built 1941, Andrew Barclay, Sons & Co. Works No.343.

The design of this early diesel locomotive was derived from a War Office 1936 order. It retains its original Paxman-Riccardo engine, developing 180BHP, and Wilson epicyclic gearbox.

The locomotive was supplied in 1941 to the newly established amunition factory located between Dalbeattie and Southwick, which was adjacent to the Port Road (Stranraer - Dumfries) railway. Information on the factory is available from the Dalbeattie website.

The locomotive moved to the Royal Naval Stores Depot at Kirkliston in 1943, and after 30 years further service was acquired from there by the SRPS, being driven to the SRPS Falkirk Depot along the main line.

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